Learn about cryptocurrency with friends.

What is Parachute?

Parachute was started as a community of people who loved cryptocurrency. Today, we're a mix of people starting interest groups and a social wallet that let's friends share cryptocurrency in group chats. 
The best community in crypto.

From our main chat, to learning rooms, to the Parachute Run club, we come together on just about anything. We're a global community of people with hundreds of interests. Together, we explore cryptocurrency and how it connects us in our daily lives. 

+ an amazing way for friends to share cryptocurrency 

After a year of watching global communities connect in chat apps, we realized people needed a better way to send digital assets to their friends. 

How does PAR fit in?

PAR is the fuel that makes Parachute go. It's our native coin that integrates throughout our products, community, and partnerships. It's a token you can earn, use, buy, and swap with friends.  


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