We're Parachute. 

We're the team behind ParJar

Parachute was started by a group of friends who wanted to change the way we use cryptocurrency in our lives. We believe crypto should be accessible, easy to use, and social. We're making it simple for friends send each other crypto, taking away the learning curve for people who are new to blockchain, and making your favorite coins usable in your daily life. ParJar is our first product. It's an easy, fun, and social way over 25,000 people use to send each other cryptocurrency. 

Lindsey's a three-time tech founder who's built large scale health-tech products. Now, he's obsessed with making cryptocurrency work for everyone.

Alexander is a CFA charterholder and bonafide numbers wiz who's made his mark with JP Morgan Chase and WeWork. Now, he makes sure ParJar runs like a stopwatch.

Shawn is the wizard behind every parachute product you see. From ParJar, to Parena, to the next hundred products we launch - Shawn builds beautiful tools that make crypto fun and easy to use. 

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