ParJar makes hanging out awesome

The Big Picture.

ParJar Wallet is just the beginning. Over three big phases, Parachute is aiming to build big, democratize finance, and become a DeFi product like none other. 


We've started with ParJar wallet. It lets anyone send crypto through chat apps, swap coins for other coins through our Uniswap integration, and move from bank to crypto in a click. Our near-future integrations will transform ParJar into the coolest DeFi aggregator you've ever known.

Phase 2

With a solid user base, we're launching a web-based experience that creates global private sending, access to expanded DeFi integrations, and unlocks our next chat-based platforms. This phase finishes with Parachute transitioning to a non-custodial offering.

Phase 3

Having matured our products and transitioned to a non-custodial solution, phase 3 will focus on creating the DAO of Parachute. The governance staking contract will launch on-chain voting to set fees across the platform, as well as act as a distribution of collected fees to governance participants.

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