What is Parachute?

Parachute was started as a community of people who loved crypto currency. Today, we're building the way friends and businesses use crypto in their daily lives. 
The best community in crypto

We launched by giving away 33% of all the PAR in existence to people who got involved. As we grow, we're giving out an additional 30% of our total supply to people who participate in our massive community programs. 

Real-world, ass-kicking products that people use

We started with ParJar Telegram, the viral social wallet that let's people instantly send crypto in group chats for free. Our next wave of products will include a single wallet across multiple platforms and our very own app. We're here to make crypto as easy as cash, whether it's between your friends or your business.

A token that fuels it all

PAR is the fuel that makes Parachute go. It's our native coin that integrates throughout our products, community, and partnerships. It's a token you can earn, use, buy, and swap with friends.  

100,000 tips on ParJar!!!

+ 9,000 freaking users!

How does PAR fit in?

With over 10,000 active users, we are building the next wave of products using PAR as rocket fuel.
PAR makes crypto easy AF

We're pushing the next wave of adoption by simplifying how people send each other crypto. From using PAR as gas for withdrawls, to using PAR to generate a single QR code for all of your Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Doge payments, ParJar allows endless possibilities for content creators, merchants, and individuals alike. 

An app that makes crypto work like cash

Our next big venture is the Parachute wallet. It combines ParJar with a friendly way to send crypto to friends and shop online. PAR will be the fuel that covers fees and opens expanded features for pro users.

Accept Crypto instantly with 50% cheaper fees.

In 2020, we're rolling out our merchant API. This will let merchants connect to the Parachute community and accept crypto through in the easiest and friendliest way ever created. PAR will be used to cut fees by over 50% of what merchants traditionally pay. 

What people are saying

Dash, Founder at Bomb

It's hard to build your first true 1000 fans, but even harder to retain them and build habitual conversation. ParJar gave us exactly this!

Crypto Zombie

Let's talk about good indicators. ParJar has over 26,000 transactions alone in 2019 - that is pretty neat! 

Matt, COO at Axpire

Parachute and their team have been forward thinking in finding a way to engage social communities in supporting a project. We have been very happy with the impact the ParJar payment platform has had!

Join the Parachute Crew

You can get PAR by being involved with our community or through an exchange. PAR is listed on IDEX and Fork Delta. Come join us on Telegram! 


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